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  1. What makes cats allergic?

    Cats produce seven proteins that can cause allergic reactions in people. Most people with cat allergies react to the protein labelled "Fel d-1"

    Cats produce these proteins in saliva and in certain oil glands.

    When cats groom themselves, they spread this allergenic protein all over their fur. Later, when the fur sheds, the allergen is carried around your home.

    Cats also produce this allergen in anal excretions. Therefor the litter box is full of feld-1. It is advised that - if possible - allergic persons do not scoop the litter boxes. If you are cat allergic and live alone, investigate using an automatic litter box to keep your interaction with the litter dust to a minimum. Be sure to wear a mask when dealing with cat litter.

  2. What does "hypoallergenic" mean?

    " Hypo" means "less." Therefore, "hypoallegenic" means "less allergenic." It does not mean "not allergenic," or zero allergies.

    A hypoallegenic cat is LESS allergenic than a typical cat. Some people will still react to a hypoallergenic cat.

  3. What can I do at home to help keep allergies at bay?


    When adopting with allergies, we want to remind folks that one's baseline reactivity is already much higher because of the sensitive airways issues. This means the family will want to be proactive and "aggressive" in terms of reducing dander/fur, and being certain to follow an allergy grooming "regime."

    Here are some steps found to be very helpful by our Allergy Kitten Families:

    First, improve overall air quality in the home:

    A. For those with forced air heat:

    1. Install an electrostatic air filter with a HEPA prefilter. The electrostatic filter is cleaned by rinsing weekly and run through the dishwasher (alone, and without soap) once a month. Typically HEPA filters are replaced twice a year. We suggest three times to be sure the medium is not clogged with fur and dander, and is really filtering the air well for you.

    2. Install a fan to be able to run the filtration many hours a day, if you do not have a fan that can operate independently (ie when neither air conditioning nor heat is actively being blown into the duct work),of your furnace. 

    3. Install an Aprile Air Humdifier. This keeps your kitten (and you :) from getting dry and shedding lots of dander in the winter.

    B. For those with electric baseboard heat, or radiators:

    1. If you do not have a forced air heat/cool system, you will want to carefully investigate room air cleaners. The type sold at  Target, Lowe's, Walmart, Home Depot, etc are **not** generally of the quality that is effective for allergy suffers.

    WARNING: Do NOT use "ozone" generators, as they are very bad for the lungs.

    Second, set up the bedrooms:

    A. Kitten Bedroom:

    1. Select a room that will be comfortable for the kitten as "her room." Instead of solely using a space for transition, use it daily for a bedroom for your kitten.

    2. This keeps your kitten safe (it is hard to "baby proof" an entire home for a kitten),

    3. It also keeps allergens confined to a room that can be filtered (if you do not have forced air system + filtration), and vacuumed (not by asthma suffers).

    4. You will keep the litter boxes here as well, since the litter box dust + the deposit of any feld-1 that your kitten produces as an adult cat will be highest in the litter. Again, asthma suffers should not clean the boxes.

    5.The room should be comfortable enough space-wise to hold a climber that she can cuddle on and feel safe "up" on.

    6. This space is excellent during holidays or playdates when it is hard to keep an eye on an active kitten and the door outside.

    B. People bedrooms

    1. Keep the humans' bedroom doors closed at all times.

    2. If there is not whole house filtration, add top notch airfilters to each allergy /asthma bedroom. Run for an hour before bedtime, and throughout the night.

    3. Continue our practice of feeding the very top quality food.

    A. Raw fed cats produce less dander.

    1. We have easy to make raw recipes on our website.

    B. Cats fed top quality kibbles have glossier, healthier coats with less shedding.

    1. Wellness Core.

    2. Blue Buffalo Wilderness

    3. Orijin, any flavour

    4. Wellness Complete Health Salmon flavour.

    5. Eagle Pack Anchovy and Sardine.

    6. Blue Buffalo, Kitten.

    4. Grooming the cat for the allergy home.

    A. Bathe your kitten weekly. She is used to it, do not let her convince you otherwise :)

    B. Comb your kitten's coat daily. This removes any loose hairs. It isalso reassuring to your kitten as grooming is used as a bonding technique by cats.

    C. Some families find Allerpet wipes or liquid is helpful in reducing reactivity to their kittens.

    We take allergy adoptions seriously, as we know this is a big step foryou, and it is important for our kittens that each allergy family carefully considers if they are willing to take proactive steps to reduce the chances of ever reacting to their kitten.

  4. Do you test your Siberians for Fel d 1?

    Yes, we do! We test in winter when cats are at least one year old. This gives the fairest and highest allergen level for that cat. Results can be seen here.

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  1. Where is ForestWind Siberians Located?

    We are located in Buffalo, New York, USA. Buffalo is at the western end of New York State. The city sits along side Lake Erie and the Niagara River. In fact, Buffalo NY is so far west in the state that it is only one hour further from Washington, DC than it is from New York City.

  2. What is near Buffalo, NY?

    Buffalo is only 99 minutes from Toronto, 30 minutes from Niagara Falls, 50 minutes from Lake Ontario beaches, like Olcott or Niagara on the Lake and 90 minutes from the Fingerlakes and the Upstate NY Wine Country!

  3. What can I do when I visit Buffalo, NY?

    1. Go to Niagara Falls.

    2. Visit the Albright Knox Art Gallery, or one of many art sites.

    3. Visit Hallwalls' Art Gallery

    4. Visit the Burchfield Penney Art Museum.

    5. Enjoy a show in Buffalo' Theatre District.

    6. Visit one of Buffalo's many Festivals.

    7. Check out our restaurants.

    8. Go on a wine tour.

    9. Go to the Zoo.

    10. Visit the lakefront.

    11. Check out the Museum of Science.

    12. Enjoy our architecture.

  4. How do I find ForestWind Siberians?

    We publish our home and phone number. Please be considerate. We live with our Siberians as pets in our home. Appointments are required for visitors. We have a mapping mechanism to help you with directions right to our door ;)

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  1. How Do I Make A Kitten Reservation?

    In what payment form do you accept reservations? At this time we are only able to accept reservations via PayPal, or in cash if you decide to make a payment in person. We are no longer able to accept personal checks, bank checks, bank money orders or postal money orders. Thank you for your understanding.

    How many reservations do you accept? We accept limited reservations for each litter to ensure that our reservations families have a choice of kitten. Depending on the number of expected kittens, this is generally only three or four reservations per litter. After our Reservations Families for that litter have selected their kittens, if there are any remaining kittens, they are made available to reservations families from future litters. After that, if there are any remaining kittens, they will be posted to our website for adoption. To avoid disappointment, we suggest reserving your kitten ahead of time.

    What is the cost of a reservation? Our kitten reservations are 1/3 the cost of adoption.

    When is the schedule of payments? first your reservation is made. Then, when you select your kitten at age five or six weeks old, your second 1/3 payment is due. Final payment, along with any shipping or neutering costs, is due in full two weeks before your kitten is shipped. If you are picking up your kitten in Buffalo, NY, you are welcome to pay the final 1/3 in cash at that time.

    Are you approved for adoption? You must be approved for adoption in order to make a kitten reservationwith us. Once a confirmed reservation is made, it is non refundable. If you have not yet been approved for adoption, please complete and submit our Kitten Inquiry Form. At that time we will discuss if a ForestWind Kitten is right for you, as well as issues such as the cost of your kitten, and delivery if necessary.

    Do you offer any discounts? We offer a "Buddy Discount" of one hundred dollars off the total adoption when litter mates are adopted together. We offer a "Good Neighbor Policy" and accept the CAD at par.

    Is it less expensive to adopt an older kitten or an adult cat ? No. Our retired cats are placed with a health testing contract, which makes their adoption equivalent to the cost of a kitten's. The advantage is a known FEld-1 level and a possibly show quality cat with known health record. Our teenager cats are generally close to or are show quality and may be old enough for preliminary feld-1 testing.

    You may find breeders who place older cats for less. We suggest you start your search at our breeder referral links, HERE.

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  1. Where can I find ....

    This page lists common topics of interest and explains where you can find them on our site.

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Showing Siberian Cats

  1. What titles have ForestWind Siberian cats won?

    We announce cat show news here.

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