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Love Letters from our Kitten Families - We <3 You, too!

Quotes Hey Kate! Hope you're well. I just wanted to say thank you again for bringing little Franklin into the world. This guy is great. He's definitely not bothering either of our cat allergies and he is a wonderful laid back, relaxed cat. He's in great health and growing slowly. I think you're right about him being big later in life, his paws are gigantic. He's extremely friendly to anyone who comes over. He's smart and has character. He is playing nicely with friends cats and dogs, although it took a bit, they become friends. When friends or family stop by, he is always nearby to greet them warmly. I could not have asked for a better cat, he's truly a gem. Did I mention I think he's the most handsome cat I've ever seen?! Thank you again. I've asked Jen my fiance to email you some photos, she has more(and better ones) than I do. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Keep up the good work! -Tim & Jen Quotes
From the Bottom of Our Hearts, Thank You!
Elmhurst, NY (NYC)

Quotes Me and Jen love Franklin very much. I think he's happy with us and we're happy with him. I can tell you that my allergies to cats do not bother me at all. He cuddles on us constantly and loves to play. He's got character, which I love and is one h*ll of a jumper. He hasn't scratched or bitten either of us which to me means quite a lot. He chooses to sleep in between us on our bed every night. He also shows no signs of any health issues. He's full of energy. This guy is adorable and I plan on loving him until we both grow old. I thank you so much for raising these animals and taking care of him for his 4 months. I couldn't ask for a better Cat! Thanks again. Quotes
Couldn't Ask For A Better Cat!
Tim and Jennifer, Elmhurst, NY

Quotes Hi Kate, We cannot thank you enough for the sweetest addition to our family! Franklin settled right into his new digs and has been purring and content with his new home. All during our travel it was so amazing how calm and content he was, and continues to be now at home. Absolutely no troubles at the airport or plane ride! Quotes
the sweetest addition to our family!
All Our Best, Jennifer and Tim

Quotes Ellie is just stunning! You continue to spread happiness all over the world. We are so lucky that you are breeding such smart, beautiful, loving felines! Our Fuzzytail is doing so well, she is so sweet and gorgeous. She is very kind & friendly to all who come to our home. Everyday I thank you and God for her. Are your ears ringing? I hope that you and your family have a warm and special Christmas holiday. Love, Deanna, Jim, Vincent and Fuzzytail :) Quotes
Everyday I thank you and God for her.
Another Happy Cat Allergic Family in NY

Quotes My humble two cents, sweet, intelligent, loving, and by the way- hypoallergenic! These two Siberian cats are God sent and loves of my life! Quotes
Siberian cats are God sent and loves of my life!
Justine, Staten Island, NY

Quotes Hi Kate, We had a fantastic visit with Brian and John and Ginger and Gracie. Jon cuddled and played with the kitties for quite a while. He only felt a tiny bit of itchy in his nose. None of his usual prickly sensation. He didn't need to take any allergy medication afterwards. Ginger was gregarious, playful and a love jones. Gracie absolutely adored the toy mouse we brought and played with it in our presence the entire time. We fed them both treats out of our hands. Both were stunningly beautiful and so soft. Brian and John were as nice as could be. We brought them flowers and cheeses and jam. It was a really fun time. Thanks so much, Leslie Quotes
We had a fantastic visit
Leslie and Jon, NYC

Quotes I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly wonderful he is! We are so enamored! And we're in serious love.... I wonder, is it just ours, or are they all like this? Well, you've knocked it out of the ball park again! Best! Jan and Ray Quotes
Knocked it out of the ball park!
Jan & Ray

Quotes Here's proof that ForestWind breeds hypo-allergenic kitties! My friend Melinda always gets allergic reactions within moments of being around cats. Melinda loved cuddling with him - no bad reaction, just instant love. Then a little while later Toby climbed into her lap at the dinner table, cuddled in and promptly fell asleep on her, and stayed there for 1+ hour nonstop. Again no allergic reactions at all. Melinda has now placed her name at the top of the list to cat sit our furball whenever needed! I actually think she might nab him! Quotes
Instant Love!
Denver, Colorado

Quotes My husband and I love him sooo much! It feels like he has been with us forever :) When I was getting ready to leave for work this morning, I found Oscar playing under our bed. As I bent down and called his name, he ran to me and gave me a good-bye kiss with his nose! That melted my heart! So, I just wanted to share this story with you :) Quotes
Our Kitten's Kisses Melted My Heart
New York City

Quotes Thank you, Kate for the perfect kitty! And I love the fact when I look at some of the other ForestWind Siberians, they look just like our Kazi!! Cheers and Love, K and K Quotes
Thank you for the perfect kitty!
Cheers & Love, from Florida
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