Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

ForestWind Siberian Health Testing Practices

We breed for good health, gentle, loving temperament, and low levels of allergen. Supporting our ethical breeding philosophy, we have low numbers of adults cats, breed only seasonally, test our cats for disease and allergen levels, and guarantee the genetic health of our kittens for ten years.

  • We are a 100% PKD negative cattery.
  • We are a 100% clear for HCM  as of 25 May 2012. We scan our breeding Siberians' hearts biannually, and scan our retirees as often as we can bring them back into Buffalo - even Siberians who have not contributed to our breeding lines, but who have had kittens under the ForestWind name :)  
In this young Russian breed with a wide genetic base available from its native land, there is no excuse for continuing to breed from lines with genetic diseases or weak immune systems.

  • We are a 100%  FELV - FIV free cattery, and  your kitten is protected against FELV (feline leukemia) via vaccination prior to leaving ForestWind.
  • We are 100% ringworm negative.

  • We desex ALL pets before placement - no exception. Although this is a huge expense for us* we feel that all ethical breeders must take this step to avoid accidental matings, pet illness, death, or loss due to getting out to mate, and contributing to the overpopulation problem . *~ $350 for chipping, vaccinations, examination, anethesia monitoring, pain medication, the surgery itself, hospitalization fees, and the multitude of other costs not dilvulged when Vets are contacted for a "desexing quote."

  • We do not over-vaccinate. Our kittens are healthy and are first vaccinated at 12 weeks, after their immune systems have had time to develop. Three to four weeks post desexing you will booster your kitten's felv and fvcrp vaccinations. Your Siberian kitten will not require new vaccinations until age one. After your Siberian cat's first annual exam and boosters, we recommend boostering the FVCRP,  FELV vaccinations at three year intervals together with the Rabies vaccination. Please follow your State, Province, or Country's legal requirements for rabies vaccination. 

  • We microchip our Siberians and your kittens for their safety and your proof that the kitten is the same one who was vaccinated and desexed. This is also proof of the animal whose HCM or PKD scan was completed... We recommend you register your kitten's microchip with your Vet's name and phone number as well as your own. Veterinarians' contact information tends to be very stable.

  • We fel d 1 level test Adult Siberians in winter when the levels are highest. Why? beacuse we want you to know the "worst case" scenario for our lines. Testing an immature Siberian in the early summer will provide the very lowest allegen level. For an allergic or asthmatic person, the information needed and wanted is "How bad can it get?" Not, "What's the best to be hoped for?"

  • We select and import rare lines for genetic diversity from eastern Russia. We are often the first breeder outside of Russia  to have identified and imported new lines. Even though we've been badly "burned" by unethical breeders, we still support Traditional and Foundation breeding programs in order to infuse this essential genetic diveristy back into the breed in North America. Learn about Inbreeding