Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

Kitten Colors

ForestWind Siberians breeds hypoallergenic Siberian kittens in the following colours: black, red, blue, cream with undercoats of a lighter variation of the top coat colour or golden or silver.

Variations on the above colours can be with white,
tortoiseshell, or tortoiseshell tabbies.

The patterns seen in ForestWind Siberian kittens and cats are spotted, mackerel (stripes), classic (swirls), and solid.

With the introduction of the solid into our program from Cica Sharik, we have recently experienced chincilla, shaded and smoke patterns (shaded and chincilla are  variants of tabbying, with very little tabby markings seen so that the coat looks solid.

We do not breed Neva Maquarades. (blue eyed colourpointed cats).  We feel that a warm climate coat pattern is not appropriate on a cat that developed in the cold wilds of Siberia and the rural country side where these farm and field cats arose and developed into a recognizable "home breed" as the Maine Coon cat did in Maine, USA.


Milo is a golden tabby. His pattern is mackerel. Many people call this pattern "tiger stripes."

This little man is a red mackerel.

Sharik is a spotted or mackerel ( can't tell which, as his coat is so silvery he looks to be solid) blue silver boy.

This funny photo of Ilyana nicely shows us her interesting mackerel patterned silver torby coat. You can see the red and black, as well as her silver undercoat.

What Color is My Cat?

Beth Hicks, TICA AllBreed Judge, has written an excellent piece called "What Color is My Cat?" explaining cat colors and patterns. She has illustrated it with excellent photos of cats taken by the famous photographer, Helmi Flick.