Happy, Healthy, Hypoallergenic Siberian Kittens 

We no longer show. We found most Siberians do not enjoy it and that it is more of a beauty (wash and blow dry) and popularity / political contest. We advocate for a return to written and verbal feedback on each cat that supports a Breeder in making determination about conformation of the cats used in a breeding program. Additionally, we advocate for Cat Registries to require health testing of parent cats in order to register their offspring. We hope that some day cat shows and registries will focus on what is most important to most pet owners: health, genetic diversity, and great temperament (personality). Of course a breed should resemble its idealised description (conformation standard) to the degree it is recognisable as a member of that named cat breed. 

Jorrah Karat earns Triple Grand Championship in Houston!

Karat swept through the recent TICA show in Houston, Texas, winning 8 ribbons, and completing his Triple Grand Championship. Additionally, he is only a few hundred points from achieving the Quadruple Grand Championship! We are grateful to Dawn and her husband of Pendraig Siberian cattery for preparing and bringing Karat to his third show!

TGC Jorrah Karat Meets Helmi Flick!

What a Valentine's weekend for our Jorrah Karat!! Thanks to Dawn and Doug of Pendraig, Karat had the opportunity to attend the TICA Waco Show February 13 and 14, 2010, and have a photo session with the incredible Helmi Flick!

To celebrate, Karat took three finals: 2 AB, 3 AB, and 6 LH, and is now a TICA Champion!

Jorrah Karat by Helmi Flick. Isn't he stunning?!

SGC Rossity Sultan meets Helmi Flick!

The highlight of Rossity Sultan's Edison, NJ TICA show January 29 - 31, 2010, was meeting Helmi and Ken Flick. Even after three very long, (and static-y!!) cold days, and winning fourth and fifth best cats against very stiff competition at the show hall, Helmi and Ken were able to bring out the real Sultan. It was such a pleasure to watch them work so lovingly with our three boys, Sultan, Wyatt, and Feliks!

Announcing Quadruple Grand Champion Rossity Sultan!

Proud Papa: Ej with Rossity Sultan at the Westchester Cat show, on his way to claiming his
Quadruple Grand Championship title with TICA.

Ej and Sultan after finalling Third Best in Show with Francine Hicks. Lovely compliments on thickness of his coat, heft, and massive conformation. One judge held him up and declared him "the heaviest cat in the show."

Below, a well deserved break back at the hotel. EJ prepares to teach Sultan how to use the remote ;) 

ForestWind Kir Visits Montreal, Leaves with Best Kitten!

HOoooo-eeeeeeee! ForestWind Kir takes "Best Kitten" at Montreal!!

Kir is now four months old and rockin' the show circuit already :)

At the November 7 & 8, 2009 TICA Montreal show, our boy finalled as follows:
7th, 7th, 6th, 4th, and BEST!!

Can't wait to see what he does when four months older!

ForestWind Kir, brand new, with Mommy Jorrah Junii!

ForestWind Kir at three weeks, making Daddy Cica Sharik very proud!!

ForestWind Kir,  6 weeks old, apple of Mommy's eye :)

ForestWind Kir at four months, who's so gorgeous?!

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